You're never to old to do gymnastics! Newcomers to experts, all welcome!


7:15 - 9:15PM

$200 + fees


6:30 - 8:00PM

$170 + fees

Our Adults class is designed for gymnasts at any level (beginner through to advanced) aged 17 or older.

Classes generally begin with a group warm-up, stretching, and basic tumbling and line drills. After this gymnasts are free to pursue what they are interested in.

Newcomers are encouraged to work with a coach to develop fundamental shapes and basic tumbles. Come to class with goals in mind. We will be able to point you in the right direction and advice on how to structure your training to achieve what it is you want.

Many of our coaches attend adults class, and are full to the brim of knowledge that they are happy to share. Please ask us, we love teaching.

Most sessions will conclude with an optional conditioning session to help develop shapes and strength for gymnastics.

Please note: Our Sunday session is an un-coached open gym session for experienced gymnasts who want extra training time. All beginners should enquire about our Wednesday class